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EzSocket Documentation
The functions on gray background is for windows only platforms.

Stream Socket Functions
int ezsocket_init(void);

This function takes no arguments, You must use it only under windows before do anything with stream sockets, it make check and initialize of winsock.dll version 1.1.

void ezsocket_exit(void); Again you must use it only under windows when you have done with sockets.
SOCKET ezsocket(struct sockaddr_in *addr, char *URL, int PORT, int mode);

ezsocket function create a stream socket already for accept connection or connect to another machine, the mode of socket (server or client socket ?) depend on mode arg, pass SERVER for a server socket, or CLIENT for a client socket.
PORT arg is the port which a server socket will be listening on or the port which a client socket will be connect to.
URL arg is used for client socket and it is the adress of the remote machine. For a server socket pass NULL.
addr argv is a pointer to a struct sockaddr_in, if you want to get info for the server or the remote machine pass one, or pass NULL if you don't care.

See server and client examples.

void ezclose_socket(SOCKET s); Close the s stream socket
Time Functions
char *ezdate(const char *format); Return a pointer to an array with date and/or time in depending on format. See ezsocket.h for syntax. - 2008