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 About EzSocket

EzSocket is a small network (sockets) library written in C.

When i was started to learn about socket programming, i found that i have to include a lot of header files, then call (WSAStartup() under win32), socket(), bind(), listen() functions and then give values to variables for a simple server program listening on a port.
So i put all these necessary header files and functions to a mini library to make my life easier.
Then, when i would like to develop a server app all i have to do is to include "ezsocket.h" header to my program and call ezsocket() function to make my server already listening on a specified port.

So, EzSocket exists to decrease the required source code that a programmer should writes, in order to create a client or server socket.
I have tested on Windows and Linux

In the package are included client and server examples as well as functions explanation document to show how to use EzSocket library.

The name of EzSocket is the result of conjunction of 'easy' and 'socket'.

Lets make socket programming more easy...

Locrian - 2008